About Us

PingDan Screw have over 30 year fastener experiences since year of 1982. Our leader, Tony Yang insists that a good quality product was made from a standard process but not from a quality checking result. Therefore, our SEMS screw owns its good quality, which has been well known at this field in many domestic trading companies. Moreover, we also earn their trust and support until today. After 30 years, we still believe that “ good quality product comes from the professional knowledge, standard process and the quick delivery time.”

Screw is such a tiny component but also very essential at vehicles industry, electric device and many machinery equipment. PingDan produce SEMS screw over 30 years and we are familiar with different SEMS standard such as JIS, DIN, ISO, IFI…etc. We combine the screw with variety washer includes flat washer, spring washer, square done washer, internal/external washer, square washer, special square washer,conical spring washser. We also welcome customer provide their own OEM (Original Design Manufacturing) item, and we will try our best to supply it.